You does not break my heart .
The thing that you do ,hurt my soul,my self-respect,and my love .
I can not hate you and I will never do .
Because I believe that no one will try to hurt the person who you loved once.
If there is no love between us , so what I have ?


Everything is nothing . If there is no love .
You just can not understand .
No matter what I said ,no matter what I worried about ,
I nerver asked you to change for me , nerver .
So you change with the time or the person beside you .
Until now , you leave the love that belong to us.
Maybe the love belong to me .
My own love .
I still very very appreciate that you give me the chance to love you .
At least , I try very hard to reach the love .
Although I can not reach , but I wish you will get everything you want .
I feel no pain,even a little...

Best wishs for you .

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