Until now , like I said :
how we reach here and how we become now ,
all is because what we made before .
I'm very pround and also have a very pleasure time ,
in the past with you.
If there is any sorry or sorrow , is just because some beautiful things ,
can not be completed .
But , that's ok . It make us much stronger to hold on to the next place ,
where is without you .
I still remember that , your simle , your face , your voice ,your hand.

Will you remember me ? or not ?
I'm fine , really!
Because I know that , no matter what decision we made .
We all know that clearly , it is very important .
I go straight and never look back again .
I completely understand why we try to made this .
Although , it maybe painfully .
But, it still be worth .

I know that is a right decision and also much better to who we try to protect .
That's enough , I no need to know any other thing .
This is the most important thing , we try to do .

No need to say a word , because no one need to know why I made this decision .
If I deeply trast in my mind that you will be better and better .

until ... ...
maybe I can't image or I have no guts to image ...

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