I can not believe that I make the same mistake again!

I thought that I can try to be a sales man again.

But, I was so wrong. Maybe work with who is really really importment.

I ever thought that maybe I should try more hard and stayed for more time in this job.


But it is very painfully for me. I can not do anything.

I can not trast that he tell me about we can make the dream come true by doing my job this way.

I have no time to wast like this way, no matter my paid, no matter my confidence.

I will not allow anybody to shout me about my profession and my experience.


I forgive your un-understanding and your implite.



These few days, I have been interviewed some companys.

I think that maybe I much suit jobs like professional MIS.

There is no a doubt when I'm a professinol MIS.



These two months, make me so tired.

I think that I should work in job like I used to work to get back my confidence.


I still think that I learned about some experience will help me in my career in the future.




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